LIS becomes partner of the Logistics Hall of Fame

LIS becomes partner of the Logistics Hall of Fame

As the first medium-sized provider of software for transport management, we support the Logistics Hall of Fame as a sponsor. The Hall of Fame honours international personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the further development of logistics and supply chain management.

Ideas instead of Group Size

“The Logistics Hall of Fame not only honors the achievements of prominent logistics experts, but also honors people who are still relatively unknown with the new award ‘Logistics Leader of the Year’, who have brought their company forward with good ideas and stamina in recent years. We think that’s great,” LIS board member Magnus Wagner is enthusiastic about the initiative. “Small and medium-sized companies are not as often in the media as large corporations and therefore less present in public. But they form the backbone of the German economy. Other countries rightly envy them,” Wagner continued.

Logistics is full of innovations

In addition, the Logistics Hall of Fame aims to document outstanding achievements in logistics and to initiate innovations. In doing so, it aims to communicate the innovative strength of the industry to the outside world, strengthen the competitiveness of the industry and improve its image. “Logistics is undergoing change. New solutions and systems are coming onto the market almost every day. It’s time to show the industry’s achievements more clearly,” says Wagner.