LIS AG new Data Center now open

LIS AG new Data Center now open

LIS Logistische Informationsysteme AG has completed the construction work on its new data center. With the new and larger server room at its headquarters in Greven, the software developer is responding to the increased demand from customers for an online application of its transport management system (TMS) WinSped. The cloud solution enables forwarders and shippers to plan and track their routes regardless of their location. 70 companies are already using the server-based version.

“Especially these past months with people working from home have shown how relevant modern IT structures are. With access to WinSped via a simple internet connection, we help logistics companies to act flexibly and independently,” says Rolf Hansmann, chairman of LIS Logistische Informationssysteme AG. “This makes them more resilient to external influences, for instance a pandemic,” Hansmann adds.

In addition to the gained adaptability and resilience, the users of the data center benefit from further advantages. For example, backup and update services are automatically installed. Moreover, thanks to the use of the LIS servers, there are no costs for further necessary hardware and its maintenance. This also eliminates the additional expense for implementation as well as the personnel for data backup. The connection of further devices and workstations is also possible without any issues.

The room with a total of ten new servers at the headquarters in Greven was planned and built according to the DIN standard EN 50600, and certification is planned for the first quarter of this year. Together they have 7.5 terabytes of RAM, more than 100 terabytes of storage space and 240 CPU cores (Central Processing Unit). There is also enough space for future expansions; currently only half of the five server cabinets are occupied.

Security is provided by burglary and fire protection systems. Also, the system has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that can supply our systems with energy for over an hour in the event of a power failure. This means that it remains operational even during a power failure. In the unlikely event of a blackout, an emergency power generator kicks in. In addition to the power supply, the cooling system is also ample. Two independent systems cool down the cold aisle. In addition, the servers are dimensioned in a manner that even the failure of two machines would be tolerated: In a second server room in a separate building, LIS provides similar server power to be able to restore the environment if the main server room is lost. This scenario is rehearsed once a month.