LIS AG invites to Premium Event

Greven, 15 October 2018 – Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) invited selected customers to an exclusive event at Münster-Osnabrück Airport (FMO) on Wednesday last week (10 October). The occasion was the prelude to a new series of events to which 75 participants from Germany and the Netherlands had travelled. Under the title “Forum Day”, the Greven-based software company wants to inform customers once a year about the latest developments from its company and at the same time offer them a framework for joint exchange.

“For us, customer proximity is not a hollow phrase, but of essential importance. Because the best innovations are useless as long as they do not take the needs of the users into account,” says Magnus Wagner, CEO of Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS). This premise applies both to the development of new software solutions and to the forum day. For this reason, LIS had conducted a survey among the registered participants in the run-up to the event to determine which topics should be the focus of attention on this day. On the forum day, the various questions were then explained in detail on the basis of concrete use cases. The program also included exclusive information about the upcoming innovations of the LIS transport management system WinSped. Among other things, the participants learned that the software company writes the new modules in the .Net programming language, which not only promises better handling and is more user-friendly, but also offers more options for individual adaptation.

The afternoon and lunch at the FMO restaurant Sky View, with an unobstructed view of the runway, were dedicated to the mutual exchange of ideas. The participants had the opportunity to discuss special application questions with the LIS product managers present. “This exchange is also immensely important for us,” says Wagner. “In this way, we learn where our customers’ shoes are pinching, where we need to improve and in which direction we need to develop our products.

The evening before, LIS had already organised a guided tour of Münster for its guests. The evening ended with dinner at Großen Kiepenkerl, a traditional Westphalian restaurant.