LGI uses transport management software WinSped cloud based now

LGI uses transport management software WinSped cloud based now

We are happy about a new order for our computer centre in Greven: Since the beginning of August we have been hosting our forwarding software WinSped for the Logistics Group International GmbH (LGI) on our own servers. The logistics specialist has been using our software solutions for years and has now decided to completely hand over the administration of its Transport Management System (TMS) to us. For this purpose, the software was converted from Oracle to SQL Server, which we host in our data centre. Via a web client the logistician’s employees can access WinSped via internet from any computer and enter or edit data.

“With the LIS cloud we offer our customers a plus in flexibility and service,” says our board member Rolf Hansmann. Instead of installing it on the user’s hardware we provide the entire WinSped software environment in this case on our own servers. The so-called Application Service Providing (ASP) makes it possible to access the transport management system via browser independent of location and at any time.

Central administration of the forwarding software

All administrative tasks are carried out by our technicians:

  • Performance control
  • Updates
  • Data backup
  • Maintenance

“This eliminates the usually high maintenance costs for the hardware. The users do not need to make sure that the forwarding software works themselves,” says Hansmann.

Flexibility through cloud-based use of transport management software

LGI has been a customer of LIS for more than six years and since then has processed its automotive transports using the forwarding software WinSped. The added flexibility has now prompted the company to host the system directly with us. In order to affect the transport processes as little as possible, we carried out the relocation of the programme to the Greven computer centre during the night from a Saturday to a Sunday.

The very next day 80 LGI employees had password-protected access to WinSped via the internet and were able to use the software as if it was still permanently installed on their workstations. An integration of further persons or business areas is possible at any time. With 80 users LGI is currently one of the largest users of our computer centre.

Modern forwarding software works via the Internet

Our company now has more than 15 years of experience in providing cloud solutions. “In view of the progressive digitalisation of the industry it was undoubtedly the strategically correct decision to offer our transport management software WinSped also cloud-based and to invest in a larger, modern and fail-safe data centre for this purpose”, says Hansmann. Modern logistics requires IT structures that function completely or partially via the internet.

“The high demand for ASP is therefore not surprising and we are happy to be able to offer our customers free capacities,” says Hansmann. The computer centre is designed for 5,000 to 6,000 users.