LCP WinSped® DMS (KW 15)

Greven – In this course the participants learn both the basics in handling the product DMS, as well as deepening mechanisms, which are obtained on the basis of detailed case examples.

The course takes place in the training rooms of LIS AG in Greven.
The group, which usually consists of 6 participants, is trained in theoretical and practical lessons. Each participant has his own computer with individual access data.
The participants train over a common network in a model forwarding agency. The course ends with several performance checks. In addition to a test block, there are numerous practical exercises to consolidate what has been learned. If the examination is passed, the degree of LIS Certified Professional (Winsped-Basis) is awarded and certified. In each case a certificate of participation is issued.

The date of this training course is 09. to 10.04.2019.