Interview with our new colleague Franziska Stockheim

Interview with our new colleague Franziska Stockheim

Today we’re turning the tables and getting to the heart of the person who usually asks the questions: Recruiter Franziska Stockheim. Franziska has been part of the LIS team since the beginning of June and, as a recruiter, takes care of recruiting new employees and the entire accompanying process that goes along with it.

Let’s start with a classic HR question: What are your strengths? Where are your weaknesses?

Hello and thank you very much for letting me answer these questions. My strengths? The combination of my open-minded nature, constant curiosity and also my structured way of working, combined with pragmatism, is what sets me apart. Weaknesses? Some would say that I should have more patience. However, I think that it can be very beneficial not to be patient all the time. It even helps me to actively tackle things and change them for the better.

What is your favourite interview question?

Oh, there are a few. So-called biographical and situational questions are very exciting. The aim here is to find out about the applicant’s particular experiences/situations in which he or she was challenged. Because if someone can put something into words and explain it in a structured way, this is a sign that this person is reflective and prepared and knows how to communicate in a way that is appropriate and adequate for the recipient. These are features and qualities that are needed in any team for it to work successfully.

The meanest question you’ve ever been asked?

All questions or question types have their purpose and therefore I cannot say that any particular question was particularly mean. Not every question reveals its true meaning. Of course, that can be tricky in a stressful situation like a job interview.

What question would you never answer yourself?

Never say never. Legally speaking, there are questions to which applicants do not have to answer, or are even allowed to lie. As a company, we naturally know these questions and therefore do not ask them in the first place. So far, I personally have not been asked a question that I would not answer.

What can an applicant do to score points with you at first glance? And what are the absolute red flags?

In addition to the qualifications and professionalism of an applicant, a friendly nature is also very important. At LIS AG, we work in teams, which means that we support each other, and for this, it would be helpful if you were open-minded and friendly. A good old no-go is indeed unpunctuality. Time is the most precious thing we have. This should be respected. Of course, things can always “get in the way” – that’s life – but then it must be communicated.

Are you an expert on job interviews? How was your own interview at LIS AG?

Open, constructive, and held at eye level. That says it all. I was welcomed in a very friendly manner, there was enough time to clarify all questions on both sides and we had a professional exchange. What is important to me personally is authenticity. The best advice I ever got was: just be yourself. On the day of the interview, I kept that in mind. I felt welcome and my counterparts signalled openness and authenticity on their part.

What was the main reason for you to accept this position?

There were many reasons. First of all, I wanted to change professionally. With my previous professional experience, I bring the necessary know-how as well as competencies that allow me to perform my current job. Economically speaking, we – LIS AG and I – have reached the equilibrium point where demand meets supply. In other words, I can offer LIS AG what it wants – both professionally and personally. Because the chemistry was also right. The fact that people at LIS AG work together constructively, that there are flat hierarchies and that there is a family-like working atmosphere were also reasons for me to join. Not to be neglected, of course, is the modern office equipment and the other benefits that LIS AG provides.

The proximity to my home – I live in the great Münsterland region – was of course also a reason.

Last but not least, I loved the name of the company and the logo. Blue is my favorite color (*laughs*)

Thank you so much dear Franziska!