Good advice is worth a lot

Good advice is worth a lot

Finding good employees is a difficult undertaking – especially in the IT industry. This is all the more true the more rural the region in which the searching company is based is. In such cases, creativity is required from the personnel departments. A concept that was recently developed in this way in our company is entitled “Employees recruit employees”. And it doesn’t really take more words to describe it.

Employees of LIS customers are excluded

The procedure is as follows: We advertise a position according to our personnel planning. At the same time, we draw our employees’ attention to this advertisement and ask them to let us know if they know of a suitable candidate. Employees of customers of LIS AG are of course expressly excluded from this from the outset.
If someone knows someone – for example from their studies or previous employment – we first try to assess whether they are actually suitable. If this is the case, our employee feels cautious and establishes contact. The further procedure does not differ significantly from the usual selection procedure: In personal interviews, the professional suitability of the applicant is checked and the essential contents of the contract are negotiated. If the recommended person signs the contract, the recommending employee receives a bonus at the end of the probationary period.

All parties benefit

“LIS HR Manager Irina Tappe explains: “Everyone benefits in this way because the new employee is offered an interesting position with an attractive employer. The one who recommended him because he can earn a nice extra income with little effort. And of course we, who can save ourselves expensive advertising campaigns and time-consuming selection processes, and also address candidates whom we would otherwise never reach.”
LIS has already found three new employees in this way in the past three months, and the HR department is also negotiating with another. “That,” Tappe sums up, “is a very good quota. Even significantly better than expected”.