Dangerous goods / BAM compatible

Carriage of dangerous goods

Disposition of dangerous goods transports

With the WinSped® Dangerous Goods Center

The Dangerous Goods Centre (GGC) supports the ADR2017-compliant collection and application of the latest dangerous goods data for the transport of dangerous goods by road, which can optionally be provided by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. This WinSped® module offers security in handling dangerous goods data, so that the dispatcher can concentrate on his core tasks.

Management Characteristics:

  • Printing of all dangerous goods information on the transport documents in accordance with the regulations. Requirements of the ADR2017
  • Integration of dangerous goods data of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
  • Recording of dangerous goods, with all data relevant to transport
  • Creation of the dangerous goods annual report and the dangerous goods statistics at the push of a button
  • Checking the ADR approvals of the transport units and the driver
  • Examination of prohibitions and restrictions on mixed loading