Coronavirus: Preventive measures and rules of conduct at LIS AG

Coronavirus: Preventive measures and rules of conduct at LIS AG

As it seems, Germany cannot avoid a second wave either, because the corona virus is picking up speed again. In France, the Netherlands, Spain and many other European countries, the number of infections is increasing more and more rapidly. In Germany we have now reached a level of over 11,400 new infections per day (as of October 27), and the trend is rising. In light of the situation, we as a company are making every effort to prevent the further spread of the virus and strictly follow all official instructions and recommendations. We are relieved that so far there has been no one in our team suffering from Covid-19.

We have taken various precautions to protect our employees and our customers in the best possible way. One important aspect of this is compliance with the so-called AHA rules.

For business trips, journeys from and to risk areas are to be avoided. The Robert Koch Institute publishes information about countries and areas that are classified as risk areas.


National (Germany):

In general, all employees of LIS Greven are required to work from home for an indefinite period starting on October 27. Employees who cannot work from home for certain reasons are still allowed to come to the office.

Of course we are still there for our customers as usual, even in these difficult times.

“We are confident that we are well prepared and that we will be able to handle the next period well, just as we did during the first Corona wave,” says Magnus Wagner.