Complaint and damage management

Optimization of business processes through complaints

Accidents and transport damage are among the biggest annoyances in the logistics industry. In order to simplify the claims process for you, we have further developed our new claims/damage management system. You can record all damage incidents in a clear and time-saving manner and document them in the WinSped transport management software. You can view all details of the damage and accident status at any time. Our damage management works hand in hand with other modules such as the document management system (DMS), where all recorded incidents are archived in paperless form.

Now also with integrated complaint management

“Every complaint is justified!” is one of the most important principles in complaint handling. In order to create a complaint for an order quickly and easily, we offer this function directly from scheduling, shipment research and NVE partial leg research. All relevant information from the order is automatically transferred to the complaint. Managing complaints helps to uncover internal sources of error and to identify which processes have potential for optimization. At the same time, a good complaint analysis enables an assessment of drivers and subcontractors. The analysis of various figures, such as the ratio of complaints to the total number of orders, can also be very useful from a sales perspective.

A complaint can be converted into a claim if it was justified. You also create damage invoices and credit notes directly in the respective damage incident. This means that there is always a link between the damage and the invoice or credit note and it can be transferred to financial accounting like a normal document.