BAM data 2019 now available

From now on WinSped users who use the dangerous goods module can access the freshly updated inventory of the dangerous goods database of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). “This information system provides prepared and comprehensive information from the relevant dangerous goods regulations required for the safe transport of dangerous goods,” explains LIS product expert Thomas Meyer. For example, the user can easily and uncomplicatedly find out which dangerous goods have to be marked with which UN number and which special features have to be taken into account during transport. The BAM catalogue can be optionally added to the WinSped dangerous goods module and makes the manual registration of dangerous goods (UN numbers) superfluous. No wonder that the LIS service, which has been in existence since 2011, is enjoying great and growing popularity. The number of users rose by 30 percent from 2017 to 2018 alone.LIS customers who already have access to the BAM data can update the data records with just a few clicks. WinSped users who want to access this data for the first time must first obtain a license from LIS. The data must then be imported and the configuration adapted. “In this case, too, the effort is very manageable. The benefits, on the other hand, are considerable,” says Meyer.