Back from the Corona Lockdown: LIS AG participates in NUFAM

Back from the Corona Lockdown: LIS AG participates in NUFAM

After many months with little personal contact with customers and partners, LIS returns to the trade fair floor. From 30 September to 3 October, the Westphalian software developer will present two innovations at the commercial vehicle trade fair in Karlsruhe: integrated automatic route planning and the new cloud service Software-as-a-Service and the new cloud service Software-as-a-Service. While the new module forms optimised combinations of orders, vehicles and routes, the new cloud application WinSped allows flexible subscription and operation via the internet. The innovations address two current trend topics – sustainability and location-independent working.

“Finally, exchanging on a personal level is possible again. After a long break, we are very pleased to present our two trade fair highlights to the NUFAM visitors”, says Magnus Wagner, Executive Board Member of LIS Logistische Informationssysteme AG.

One of these is the integrated automatic route planning in cooperation with flexis AG and the PTV Group, Karlsruhe, which LIS has had in its portfolio since the beginning of the year as the first standard TMS provider. This function makes it possible to distribute a large number of shipments to the available vehicles at the touch of a button, thus significantly speeding up route planning. Mathematical algorithms are used to calculate an optimised combination of orders, vehicles and routes, taking into account resources and specified conditions. Standardised scheduling in this way facilitates work and increases the efficiency of the means of transport used. Wagner: “While the utilisation of tours and resources increases, the number of total kilometres decreases, and with that, the logistics and transport costs decrease as well. So our new tool has a direct positive impact not only on profitability, but also on the sustainability of the user.” For the technical implementation, LIS has entered into partnerships with flexis AG and the PTV Group, Karlsruhe. Via online interfaces to WinSped, the systems of the two companies provide LIS customers with pre-planned tours.

The second trade fair highlight is the new cloud service Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). With this, the WinSped software package can be rented without further ado in a subscription model. Access is via the cloud, where the TMS is fully installed. In this way, not only are the acquisition costs eliminated, but customers also enjoy a high level of data security, better scalability and thus financial flexibility. No more than an internet connection is required to operate the software. Freight forwarders and shippers can therefore work regardless of location – a feature that is becoming increasingly important for many companies. “The past months in the home office in particular have shown how relevant modern IT structures are. With access to WinSped via a simple internet connection, we help logistics companies to act flexibly and independently,” says Wagner. “The first 100 customers are already using the benefits of the LIS Cloud. This makes them more resilient to such external impacts as a pandemic.”